Translation and localization

One of our most popular services is translation and localization services. Today, when online casinos and betting offices are entering the international market, the more efficient the business is, the more locations are covered in the expansion process.

Content should serve not only search engine promotion. We know how to turn text into a sales tool. Attract new players by using the services of Seo.Casino.

Our experience in the gaming industry and our professional team of native speaker copywriters make it possible to achieve the desired effect on any market you choose!

At the moment we are localizing on:

  • Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish;
  • English and German;
  • Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch;
  • Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian;
  • Chinese, Thai, Japanese;
  • Arabic language.

Increase conversion rates by breaking down language barriers!

One of the most influential surveys on the language preferences of consumers around the world shows that:

  • 55% of consumers prefer to use an online product presented in their native language;
  • 53% feel more comfortable depositing a resource presented in their native language;
  • 60% rarely or never pay for services on sites whose only language is English.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to win new users in global markets. Make them an offer in their native language, and you’ll see your promotion company reach a new level, measured by actions!

The quality of the language determines the quality of the promotion

The number of deposits flows after trust. And the number of languages in which you are ready to address the user affects how widely this trust can spread. Our team consists of linguists and native speakers, with extensive experience in niches of online casinos and sports betting. It means that your message will be delivered in a form that will be heard and accepted in each selected region. Do not lose the spark in an inadequate translation; convey the idea with the passion with which created the original!

Start with the right solution

If you are creating your product, but plan to enter new markets over time, we recommend you to get into localization as early as possible. This will avoid unnecessary time spent on making corrections, modifications to the resulting text or original. Also, a pre-prepared alternative language version of the site will allow you to quickly deploy activity in new regions and attract new users as soon as possible.

Seo.Casino specialists will help you to create high-quality effective, multi-lingual and transnational content that will accelerate your growth and help you achieve the desired results!