SEO-strategy is an individual set of measures designed to effectively promote your product and attract new players to the online casino or bookmaker’s website. It is the next step after an in-depth analysis of the niche, identification of competitors and identification of the most effective techniques used to promote your product in a niche or region.

You’re just starting your project, and you want to assess opportunities, prospects and investments, related to the promotion in the chosen niche.

You plan to adjust the regional promotion strategy and quality achievement of new results.

You want to expand your business and reach out to other regional markets or niches.

  • In-depth market and competitor analysis;
  • Collecting the semantic core and developing the structure;
  • Information on the specifics of search and promotion in your niche and region;
  • Recommendations on content optimization;
  • Guidance on creating a link profile;
  • Recommendations on mobile optimization of your website;
  • Data on potential opportunities for expansion and entry into new markets.

Deep expertise in the online casino and bookmaker markets allows us to find non-standard and effective solutions for your business. By cooperating with Seo.Casino you are guaranteed to get:

  • the information you need to understand the current trends in the gambling market in any region;
  • a well-thought-out concept to promote the site and attract new players;
  • recommendations on how to establish processes that increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Why Seo.Casino: an individual approach to each project

Many years of experience in the niche of gambling has helped us to develop the most effective, adaptive and at the same time universal approach in the development of SEO-optimization strategy and promotion of online casinos, bookmaker’s offices and poker rooms.

Niche analysis

We can help you identify and accurately analyze your online market, including your main competitors, and how to promote them. To do this, we will conduct initial research on keywords and analyze link profiles of active products in a niche or region. As a result of the analysis, you will be able to get a clear picture:

  • how profitable it is to invest in promotion in the selected niche or region;
  • how technically difficult it is to become a competitive player in terms of SEO;
  • what are the possible investment and the time it takes to achieve the desired result?

Semantic core research and structure analysis

As part of extensive keyword analysis, we assess the current demand for organic search. This in-depth analysis allows us to select the right keywords that are truly appropriate for your product. Qualitative semantic selection ensures high positions in search engine results and generates stable and quality traffic.

What we do:

  • Build a semantic core with professional tools and eliminate any duplication;
  • Group keywords of similar content into thematic clusters;
  • Analyze clusters and eliminate words and terms that are not appropriate to achieve your goals.

The result is extensive segmented and clustered semantics and an understanding of where to go in the next 6-12 months.

Validation of the domain structure and business model

We will be happy to analyze and discuss the domain structure with you. We will show you what opportunities and risks are relevant to your business in terms of organic search. Now that Google can provide information and respond to user requests directly in search results, many websites are already outdated. That’s why it’s essential to question your product concept from time to time and adjust it accordingly.

Seo.Casino will develop a set of recommendations to make the most effective changes on your sites.

Content optimization: every page benefits you

Today, user requirements for content are quite high. Not only should the text content of pages be useful and meaningful, but it is also important to dilute the information with images, video, infographics. Additional elements only enrich the optimized text and influence the user behaviour on the page (duration of stay, readability of material, etc.).

Lack of proper optimization and design of pages can lead to negative user signals. It will eventually lead to the fact that the site will begin to lose ground in search engines. We are ready to analyze your website and provide recommendations to improve each page!

The SEO strategy for mobile market entry: This is a must!

If you are still in doubt whether mobile traffic is vital for your business, it is time to take the first decisive steps. Search queries from mobile devices have already bypassed those from PCs and laptops, and today are considered to be the most critical and frequent type of search.

Optimizing websites for easy access from portable devices is now a necessary and integral part of search engine optimization. If you are ready to increase traffic but have not yet engaged mobile users, Seo.Casino is ready to help you with this task.

SEO in new markets: Want to grow strategically? We support you!

If you already have an established business in online casino or betting, and you want to go international, we will be happy to accompany you at this stage and advise you. Today, Seo.Casino operates in many regions and has deep market expertise in the online casino, betting and betting online, poker rooms and lotteries.

In working with the regions, we take into account not only language features but also search engines that generate the highest traffic flows. We study the algorithms and specifics of many search engines and develop effective strategies for international SEO-promotion, taking into account all the nuances.