Search Engine Optimization

Since the creation of an online casino, bookmaker, cybersport bookmaker, poker room or lottery site, you have been wondering: how to promote your product? How do I get the right number of users? How to bring players?

There are several options to solve the task:

  • Contextual advertising in search engines;
  • Targeted advertising on social networks;
  • Advertising by streamers;
  • Creating an affiliate program and attracting affiliates;
  • Quality PR-company;
  • Using voice and pre-roll in online cinemas;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many channels to promote your product. Still, in terms of investment/result ratio, the difference in efficiency and profitability becomes apparent in favour of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your product.

If advertising is not time-consuming and leads exclusively to interested clients, why bet on SEO? The answer lies in the sphere of budgeting: advertising works precisely as long as the funds are received for the service. Search promotion is a set of measures that, if adequately implemented, operate for quite a long time and at a distance of 6-12 months give an astounding number of players at a minimum price for a translator (FTD).

Once we have identified the benefits, let us look at the range of services.

What is Search Engine Optimization, and what is included in this concept?

Search engine promotion is a series of activities that brings players to the site of an online casino or betting office directly from search engines. The primary purpose of this promotion – not only to generate traffic but also to encourage users to take the necessary action (register, make a deposit, etc.). To achieve this result, we:

  1. Analyzing the niche – we identify competitors, find the most effective methods of promotion, develop a promotion strategy.
  2. Carry out an audit of the site – identify technical problems and vulnerabilities, make recommendations to address them.
  3. We select a semantic core – explore what search queries most often enter your potential players in Google, Yandex and other search engines and make recommendations to improve traffic-generating content.
  4. Analyze your link profile and make recommendations to address external threats.
  5. We monitor customer behaviour at online casinos or betting offices or poker rooms.

Why Seo.Casino

Promotion in different niches implies different strategies. Therefore, when choosing a company to promote your product, it is essential to contact an expert who knows the specifics, complexities and nuances of your field. Seo.Casino does not seek to cover all industries: we are guided by our knowledge and experience, with each new case, we deepen our expertise in online casinos, sports and eSports betting, poker, lotteries.

Focusing on the same niche, we learn how to promote in different regions, taking into account their characteristics and regulatory policies. We study your competitors and record market trends. That’s why Seo.Casino’s specialists have the right competence to develop useful recommendations and provide proper support in SEO promotion of your product.

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