Technical SEO

Are you looking for a partner in technical SEO? Do you want to identify possible vulnerabilities to your sites that hinder its indexing and promotion? The Seo.Casino team is happy to help.

The goal of technical SEO is to structure your web page so that search engines can easily handle it. We use our know-how and analytical tools to help you implement an improved, cleaner structure. It provides advanced technical optimization of your website.

Do you need technical SEO and how can Seo.Casino help you?

The service will be useful for you if:

  1. You believe that internal relinking has more potential than what is currently being implemented.
  2. You want to bring your website in line with the latest requirements of Search Engines.
  3. You need a clean and efficient page structure to optimize your site’s load time.
  4. You are interested in AMP/App indexing.

We can help with all SEO technical issues to attract and retain as many new players as possible!

Analysis and optimization of your website structure

Today’s convenient, transparent and intuitive structure is the basis for achieving optimal results when promoting in organic search results. It is essential to use extensive data analysis to determine the behaviour of search bots to build the right architecture for the site and promote promotion in search results.

The purpose of the analysis of the site structure is: to create a logical, understandable and accessible for search engine robots information architecture of the website.

Result: the measures are taken the lead to the fact that Google will “love” your domain, and will more frequently index and re-index your site pages.

Optimize internal links: keep relevant content prioritized and available.

Technical SEO also means optimizing internal links. Such optimization is related to the published content and allows prioritizing information.

High-quality internal links are crucial for the technical optimization of a website. Deep expertise and the tools that are used in Seo.Casino will help to achieve the desired result.

The goal of website internal link optimization is to detect and promote priority pages.

Result:: You will be able to redistribute internal link weight to priority pages to get higher positions in search results.

Indexing management: The index that matters!

Accurate indexing management plays an essential role in search engine optimization. Indexing management helps to indicate which content is considered relevant for organic search and which is not.

As the site grows, new content is often not indexed. Therefore, an essential aspect of optimization is to monitor what content is relevant for organic search regularly.

The purpose of indexing management is: to determine the most relevant content that responds to searches.

Result: the search engine always contains relevant content that is guaranteed to bring players to your site.

Optimize download speed: make sure your site is running at maximum speed

The growth of mobile search queries brings to the fore the problem of download speed. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, Seo.Casino has deep expertise and provides a quality service to adapt products to mobile devices, because today, it is one of the key success factors (mobile-first index).

We offer a whole range of measures to speed up your website, for example:

  • data compression;
  • reducing requests and the amount of data coming to the server;
  • pre-loading, etc.

We optimize your website load speed by working closely with your programmers and administrators.

The objective is: to provide your users with the most important functions of the site as soon as possible, giving interaction in the shortest possible time.

Result: The speed of transitions or interactions with the site interface encourages players to stay longer and interact with your product more often.

Application indexing

The purpose of indexing the application is to include the application content directly into the results of the organic search. This concept offers you new ways to get target traffic directly to your applications. However, such indexing requires appropriate adaptability of your application content.

We can help you determine if application indexing is appropriate for you and what conditions need to be met to achieve the desired result. Seo.Casino will also support you in developing and implementing your concept.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The recently introduced Mobile Accelerated Pages (AMP) improve the structure of your content for mobile search and significantly increase traffic. AMP is an open-source initiative provided to websites for fast downloading even at low Internet connection speeds. If you are interested in implementing the AMP concept, we will gladly advise and help you with the implementation!