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iGaming Link Detox Services: Toxic Backlink Audit


It is critical today to protect your site by managing your link risk: actively and regularly review links to your content for quality; remove “bad” or “harmful” links.

Links risk analysis aims to protect your link profile proactively. It should also be used if you are subject to algorithmic updates or penalties.

As part of our link risk analysis, we examine your domain profile and perform risk assessments to identify malicious links. With this analysis, you
can find out if further work is needed to clean up “toxic” links.

Are you looking for an agency that is familiar with backlinks and website output from search engine filters? Seo.Casino can help!

Today you need to actively and regularly analyze the quality of links to your site and protect your site by managing link risks. For this reason, link profile analysis is one of the fundamental studies and continuous monitoring processes.

Penguin: Algorithmic depreciation and proactive action

Since Google released the Penguin algorithm in April 2012, toxic links have been a constant threat to the domain link profile. For example, if certain regularities are detected or if limits are exceeded, algorithmic worsening may occur in Google search results, in simple words the site will lose its position, and as a result – traffic and players, so Poker SEO Consultancy will not produce the desired result.

The Seo.Casino iGaming SEO Consultant team will help you analyze your link profile even before the negative impact is critical. It will minimize the risks inherent to the link profile of your domain. And thus protect the domain from all kinds of Penalties.

Moderating Sanctions: We can help

Analysis of reference risks can also help to address questions about filters imposed by search engine moderators. In the case of sanctions imposed by moderators, the domain is usually identified and exposed to Google Quality Rater due to inadequate or unnatural link building.

In this case, we look for patterns and explicitly unnatural links and help you remove them. We also help you prepare a request for reconsideration to remove search engine sanctions.

To give you an idea of the process, we, as a most reliability Gambling SEO Agencies, would like to illustrate our approach briefly:

First of all, we study the current reference domain profile.

  • Aggregate all available backlink data from different sources to get the complete picture.
  • To do this, we use both Google tools and third-party services (Majestic, Link Research Tools, Search metrics, Ahrefs).
  • After collecting all available information, we study the qualitative characteristics of the domains referring to you and their respective links.

It is important to note that the niches of online casinos and sports Betting SEO Company are classified as a market with high potential for link risk. For this reason, we analyze not only the client link profile but also the profiles of individual competitors to obtain comparative values.

If an increased risk of manual or automatic sanctions from Google is identified, Seo.Casino will inform you of which link risk mitigation strategy to follow. Our goal, in this case, is to hedge the product link profile to reduce the risk of being sanctioned, which is also important for Casino Affiliate for Sale.

We recommend you to conduct an analysis on an ongoing basis, e.g. once a quarter, to ensure that your domain is protected as much as possible.

Samantha Rodriguez
reviewed by: Samantha Rodriguez (Senior SEO Specialist) 
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